Sunday, October 5, 2008

mY AidilFITRi eXPErienCE

you WANT to KNOw My SAD expErienCe before I back to village for 'hari raya'holiday?
A windy morning on friDAY I watching televisioN.SuDDENLY,I heard a loud voice call me.MY rooom mates said that our room had been locked by my other room mate.She said that she had on the way to go back to her hometown when we had called her.
do you know what we do after that?try to guess?i will give my answer next posting.HE....HE.....
my AiDilfITRi for this year IS the tiredying times.
I have just a little times 2 sleep coz i have many work 2 do such as making cookies, tidying my house and cooked.
For this year I made a new cookies.It'S name is KURMA LONDON.
Even i was 18 years old but I still get 'DUIT RAYA' from my relatives and family.
i was very sad because this year I do not get even one 'hari raya' card.ARGHHH..TENSION....

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