Monday, July 21, 2008


calling .....calling....
Welcome to my world...
My name is noor hafizah binti sahari.
I have many nicknames such as pijah,iz,fiza,kak pit and the bad name is gajah kurus.
I likes 2 read novels during free time .
my favourites writers are Anis ayuni,Dammya hanna,sharifah abu saleem&taufik......
Now i have about 7 novels as my collection.
i love to eat chocolate cakes but i don not know how 2 make it..
the taste is so yummy....even my mother-in-laws is in front of me i will just ignore her.
the most interesting movie that i have watching is TOKYO DRIFT....
i love learns their you want 2 know something ?my brother laughing me when i say that i want 2 learn drifting skills. he said that my legs will broken coz before this i had broken my hands when i riding bicycle...
i'm the third one out of 6 siblings.

Monday, July 7, 2008


ello world.....
do u want to know about me ?
i'm noorhafizah n my nickname is fizah.
but my villagers called me pijah .
i like to watch drift at batu pahat mall during weekend .