Sunday, October 5, 2008

mY AidilFITRi eXPErienCE

you WANT to KNOw My SAD expErienCe before I back to village for 'hari raya'holiday?
A windy morning on friDAY I watching televisioN.SuDDENLY,I heard a loud voice call me.MY rooom mates said that our room had been locked by my other room mate.She said that she had on the way to go back to her hometown when we had called her.
do you know what we do after that?try to guess?i will give my answer next posting.HE....HE.....
my AiDilfITRi for this year IS the tiredying times.
I have just a little times 2 sleep coz i have many work 2 do such as making cookies, tidying my house and cooked.
For this year I made a new cookies.It'S name is KURMA LONDON.
Even i was 18 years old but I still get 'DUIT RAYA' from my relatives and family.
i was very sad because this year I do not get even one 'hari raya' card.ARGHHH..TENSION....

Monday, August 4, 2008


My experience of being a UiTMT students for approximately one month is i get many friends around Malaysia that have different slang, food and attitude.The first week I got here is the worst time because I have to attend a orientation week for students part 1.Be frankly,the time management during that week is terrible .But now I missed that moment being together with many friends from different course and listen them talking with each other using their slang make me dizzy.when the orientation week had finished I’m very excited to begin my class and to meet with new lecturers and friends. the most interesting here is i can eat ice-cream and 'keropok lekor'.YUMMMY ITS SO DELICIOUS AND MAKE ME CRAZY IF I CANNOT GET IT ONCE A WEEK....

Monday, July 21, 2008


calling .....calling....
Welcome to my world...
My name is noor hafizah binti sahari.
I have many nicknames such as pijah,iz,fiza,kak pit and the bad name is gajah kurus.
I likes 2 read novels during free time .
my favourites writers are Anis ayuni,Dammya hanna,sharifah abu saleem&taufik......
Now i have about 7 novels as my collection.
i love to eat chocolate cakes but i don not know how 2 make it..
the taste is so yummy....even my mother-in-laws is in front of me i will just ignore her.
the most interesting movie that i have watching is TOKYO DRIFT....
i love learns their you want 2 know something ?my brother laughing me when i say that i want 2 learn drifting skills. he said that my legs will broken coz before this i had broken my hands when i riding bicycle...
i'm the third one out of 6 siblings.

Monday, July 7, 2008


ello world.....
do u want to know about me ?
i'm noorhafizah n my nickname is fizah.
but my villagers called me pijah .
i like to watch drift at batu pahat mall during weekend .